Online Courses on Episodes of Care

Navigating health care analytics and all the facets of payment reform can be an overwhelming journey. However, understanding these concepts, at even a basic level, can empower you and your organization to implement programs that can benefit everyone: patients, providers and payers.

We have constructed various online courses specific to the PROMETHEUS Analytics and some of its uses, in particular bundled payment programs. The courses range from basic overviews to advanced and/or technical levels.

102 Part 1: Episodes of Care Basics: Consumers, Providers and Payers
102 Part 2: Episodes of Care Basics: The Essentials of Good Design

These courses review the basic ideas informing episode of care design, and to answer the question: why do episodes of care matter for health care reform?

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201 Part 1 and 2: The Anatomy of Building an Episode
These courses provide a better understanding of how episodes are defined. While we have built numerous episodes to date, these courses will also help equip you with the knowledge to get started on creating your own by guiding you through the episode definition process, albeit specific to the framework of PROMETHEUS Analytics.

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202 Part 1 and 2: Using Episodes of Care for Informed Decision Making
These courses examine practical, real world examples of various analytic techniques that you can apply to medical claims data employing episodes analysis.

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Episode Analytics to Guide Your Value-Based Care Transition

A value-based payments analytics platform designed for health plans that want to foster deep clinical and cost analysis through episodic claim grouping and network analysis.

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