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Our products analyze claims data to create an episode of care that includes all covered services bundled across all providers (hospital, physicians, laboratory, pharmacy, etc.) that would typically treat a patient for a given condition, illness or injury. These episodes of care can then be converted into a prospective budget that is adjusted for the severity and complexity of the patient’s condition. The budget -- or expected cost -- can be compared to the actual costs to determine the relative efficiency of a physician, practice, or health system in managing a patient. Our analytic tools are also designed to separate typical or routine costs from those associated with potentially avoidable complications. This unique process creates unparalleled insights on the costs and quality of care. Ready to dive into the details? Start by searching the topics at right.

Episode Analytics to Guide Your Value-Based Care Transition

A value-based payments analytics platform designed for health plans that want to foster deep clinical and cost analysis through episodic claim grouping and network analysis.

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