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Name 5.4.005 Episode Definitions
Accidental Falls (SRF) Definition
Acute CHF / pulm edema (SRF) Definition
Acute Myocardial Infarction Definition
Acute Renal Failure (SRF) Definition
Adverse effects of drugs (SRF) Definition
Allergic Rhinitis/Chronic Sinusitis Definition
Arrhythmia / Heart Block / Condn Dis Definition
Arterial thromboembolism (SRF) Definition
Aspiration Pneumonia (SRF) Definition
Asthma Definition
Attention Deficit / Oppositional Definition
Bariatric Surgery Definition
Bipolar Disorder Definition
Breast Biopsy Definition
Breast Cancer Definition
C-Difficile Infection (SRF) Definition
C-Section Definition
CABG &/or Valve Procedures Definition
Cataract Surgery Definition
Catheter Associated UTIs (SRF) Definition
Cellulitis, Skin Infection (SRF) Definition
Central Venous Catheter Infn (SRF) Definition
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Definition
Colon Cancer Definition
Colonoscopy Definition
Colorectal Resection Definition
Coma, persistent veg. state (SRF) Definition
Complication of Implanted device SRF Definition
Complication surgical procedures SRF Definition
Coronary Angioplasty Definition
Coronary Artery Disease Definition
Crohn's Disease Definition
Decubitus Ulcer (SRF) Definition
Deep Vein Throm/Pulm Embolism (SRF) Definition
Delirium, Encephalopathy (SRF) Definition
Depression & Anxiety Definition
Dermatitis, Urticaria (SRF) Definition
Diabetes Definition
Diabetes, poor control (SRF) Definition
Diverticulitis Definition
Fluid Electrolyte Imbalance (SRF) Definition
Gall Bladder Surgery Definition
Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease Definition
GI Bleed (SRF) Definition
Glaucoma Definition
Gynecological Cancers Definition
Healthcare Acquired Pneumonia Definition
Heart Failure Definition
Hepatitis (SRF) Definition
Hepatitis C Definition
Hip Replacement & Hip Revision Definition
Hip/Pelvic Fracture Definition
Hypertension Definition
Hypotension / Syncope (SRF) Definition
Hysterectomy Definition
Infections (SRF) Definition
Intestinal Obstruction (SRF) Definition
Knee Arthroscopy Definition
Knee Replacement & Knee Revision Definition
Low Back Pain Definition
Lumbar Laminectomy Definition
Lumbar Spine Fusion Definition
Lung Cancer Definition
Lung Resection Definition
Malignant Hypertension (SRF) Definition
Mastectomy Definition
Meningitis / Encephalitis (SRF) Definition
MRSA, Drug Resistant Infections (SRF) Definition
Newborn Definition
Nutritional Deficiency (SRF) Definition
Osteoarthritis Definition
Pacemaker / Defibrillator Definition
Pancreatitis (SRF) Definition
Pneumonia Definition
Poisoning (SRF) Definition
Pregnancy Definition
Preventive Care Definition
Prostate Cancer Definition
Prostatectomy Definition
Rectal Cancer Definition
Respiratory Failure (SRF) Definition
Routine Sick Care Definition
Schizophrenia Definition
Sepsis (SRF) Definition
Shock / Cardiac Arrest (SRF) Definition
Shoulder Replacement Definition
Stroke Definition
Substance Use Disorder Definition
Tonsillectomy Definition
Transfusion related complications SRF Definition
Transurethral resection prostate Definition
Trauma & Stressors Disorders Definition
Ulcerative Colitis Definition
Upper GI Endoscopy Definition
Upper Respiratory Infection Definition
Urinary Tract Infection (SRF) Definition
Vaginal Delivery Definition